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Grinding New and Repaired Parts
Richards Grinding is an all-American job shop that can help you:

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Featured Manufacturer:
Capital of Know-How Magazine, April 2011

Winner of Manufacturing Spotlight Award, Capital of Know-How, March 2011

Engineers and purchasing agents interested in improving the manufacturability of new products will find Richard’s Grinding an able partner. You are encouraged to take advantage of our experience working with ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Our ability to handle small-to-medium volume production, our hands on experience and knowledge of equipment, along with the skill to hold tight tolerances guarantees you a cleaner and situation-ready surface finish, right the first time.

General Grinding Services Offered

Richard’s Grinding, located in Cleveland, Ohio, a leading manufacturing center in northern Ohio, specializes in ID grinding, OD grinding, threading, rings, bushings, carbide-tip tooling, brazing, pump and valve repair, tool and cutter sharpening, tool and die repair, and shaft repair.

For over 40 years our grinding job shop has serviced Cleveland’s finest Original Equipment Manufacturers with quality secondary machining operations and manufacturing services. Our clients are leaders in the automotive industry, industrial value industry, food processing industry, aerospace industry, and heavy earth-moving equipment industry.

Our reliable manufacturing engineering services give OEMs peace-of-mind, especially in situations in which consumer-oriented test programs count on quality. Richard's Grinding understands the need for a quick turn-around. 

 Richard's Grinding is a member of NTMA